Chogokin (超合金 Chōgōkin, lit. "Super Alloy") is a Bandai toyline of die-cast metal model robots and characters of various anime, manga, and tokusatsu.


In 1972, the term Chogokin was first used in Mazinger Z as the metals used in the construction of the titular robot. After a few months, the anime became very popular and the company Popy (a sub-divison of Bandai) acquired the rights to the name for a new toyline using actual metal models. The first of these models have usually been robots in the Mazinger franchise, but other models were also released including the Leopardon from the Spider-Man tokusatsu show. The models were released to a large market in either a standard (ST) or larger deluxe (DX) version (DX usually came with more features). Some of the models were released into the United States under Shogun Warriors (generally for children) or Godaikin (usually for collectors). By the 1980's, the mass market began to decline and became more expensive and aimed at collectors and formed subsidiaries of the toyline.


Soul of ChogokinEdit

An updated version of the original Chogokin lines released in the 90s aimed at adult collectors. Later it expanded beyond the classic models to include other mecha anime/manga as well as tokusatsu.

Souchaku HenshinEdit

A Chogokin line released in 2000 featuring 5-inch scale models of Tokusatsu heroes such as Kamen Rider, Metal Hero, and GARO where their armor and costumes are taken off and reattached.

Super Robot ChogokinEdit

A more affordable alternative to Soul of Chogokin with models standing at 14cm with less die-cast but wider range of accessories. Aside from traditonal Chogokin robot models they also include Super Robot Wars OG and Super Sentai.

DX Soul of ChogokinEdit

A high-end spinoff of the Soul of Chogokin line, released in 2012. Releases in the DX Soul of Chogokin line tend to be larger, and more expensive than the average Soul of Chogokin. As of 2020, every DX Soul of Chogokin features remote controlled lights and sounds. Moreover, Combattler V is so far the only release without an inner frame and removable armor gimmick.

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