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Bragger S1 was a massive Mechanical Beast from Mazinger Z vs. Devilman controlled by Baron Ashura. He was sent to try and destroy Mazinger  alongside Zaurus F1.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Bragger had a large amount of strengh and carried a massive axe that he could throw like a shuriken. He could also shoot lasers from its eyes and could shoot a buzzsaw from its chest. 


Bragger S1 was sent out by Baron Ashura alongside Zaurus F1 to try to locate and destroy Mazinger Z. They both start to cause caos around the mountains drawing Mazinger and Aphrodite A out to fight, Buragga tried cutting into Aphrodite A several times with his axe and lasers but was shot in the back and destroyed by Mazinger's missiles. Mazinger then battled with Zaurus and after decapitating the mechnical beast he is attacked by Demonger J5, after destroying Demonga the destruction that had been caused opend a large crack in the ground which acidentaly awoke the she demon Sirene.

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