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Boss Borot
Composition Scrap Metal
Power Source Conventional fuel engine
Pilot Boss

Boss Borot is a joke robot piloted by Boss. Much like the original anime, it mainly serves as comic relief but can be useful at times.


Boss Borot is designed the same as it was in the anime with a noticeably rounder torso. It also shares the trait of having its facial features match Boss in combat.

Equipment and Attacks[]

As Boss Borot is made of scrap metal, it is very fragile and not very strong against enemies in terms of defense. It's main way of attack is through its size and weight. When going underwater, it was equipped with a large glass helmet and scuba gear to move through water and allow Boss to breathe.

  • Borot Hissatsu Hip Attack: An attack where Borot flings itself, rear end-first, at the enemy.
  • Borot Rolling Crush: Used immediately after the Hip Attack, Borot spins around rapidly, tearing up the ground and anything in its path (as well as making Boss very dizzy).



the story is the same as in the anime, the boss forces the scientists to build him a robot to compete with mazinger z. But with only scrap metal, the best the three scientists could do was Boss Borot. Of course, the Boss Borot was nowhere near the same abilities as the Z, but Boss kept it nonetheless.

Boss Borot was with the Mazinger Z, the Great Mazinger, and the Aphrodite A in the fight against the Mechanical Beasts. Borot managed to destroy a Mechanical Beast with a drop attack before witnessing Koji Kabuto being ejected from the Z. With the revelation of the Mazinkaiser, Boss Borot would appear in several fights against the waves of Mechanical Beast, often having a limb or several parts of the body (usually the head) fall apart or helping Sayaka's robots.

As Venus A became infected, turning into a Ghost Mechanical Beast, Boss got in Borot to stop it but was thrown a distance away. As everyone else was held at gunpoint by the Iron Masks, Borot came to the rescue by attempting to attack the Iron Masks (he fell into a body of water but did provide a necessary distraction). Afterwards it attacked with the Borot Rolling Crash to attack some of the Iron Masks before stopping. Boss gave Koji a piece that broke off of Borot which would later help Koji in battle as his controls were damaged.