Birdon B7
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Limited AI

Birdon B7 is one of the Mechanical Beasts that Baron Ashura commanded to attack the Photon Power Laboratory.


Birdon B7 is a bat-like creature with a quail-esque head. The main body has a black color scheme with red markings including its head crest and has yellow eyes.


Birdon B7 first makes its appearance as the first to fly overhead Sayaka and co. when they went out as it made its way to the Photon Power Lab. Birdon shot a beam that managed to break the photon barrier the lab had up. When Baron Ashura was about to unleash the final blow with a Breast Fire from the newly customized Ashura Mazinger, a huge heat blast from behind them destroyed Birdon and several of the other Mechanical Beasts.


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