Big Daitan
Composition Unknown
Power Source Unknown
Pilot Hayato Otori

Big Daitan is a Super Robot of the Government of Japan. After many years of work, it was deployed to fight the Dragonsaurus.

Production HistoryEdit

Big Daitan along with its pilot Hayato Otori originally came from the manga Garula. It was created to fight the titular monster.


Big Daitan is a massive four-armed mech. The lower half is a huge quadruped dragon-like robot. It appears to be made up of various components of several of Dynamic Productions' Mechas. The upper body partly resembles Grendizer.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Big Daitan is able to fly through its dragon-like lower body's rocket thrusters. It is armed with a pair of swords for close combat. It can also launch several missiles.


It was built to be Japan's newest defense against threats. With the Dragonsaurus approaching, the government called Lt. Otori to pilot the robot. Otori launched the robot while meeting the Mazinger Angels enroute. However upon reaching the monster, even with all of its firepower the Big Daitan was no match for the Dragonsaurus' durability and was destroyed along with its pilot.


  • It's upper half greatly resembles Grendizer.
  • Its overall appearance is very similar to Uzura from Getter Robo G.
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