Belgas V5
Kanji N/A
Kana ベルガスV5
Gender Female
Age (Adolescent)
Robot Herself
Affiliation Mechanical Beast Girls
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Hibiku Yamamura
First Appearance Unknown
Belgas V5 is a Mechanical Beast Girl who served as the main villain of episode 6 of Robot Girls Z in an attempt to take over Lorelai Yoko's hot spring resort.


Belgas compared to her namesake has a very flashy appearance, she has long light blonde hair tied behind her head with light blue eyes, and a lot of makeup. The only resemblance to her original counterpart is a face on the chest area of her costume. Her costume is a long orange-yellow dress with white tassels on the arms, red frilly layers, and some ornaments on the waist area. She wears a hat with colored stones studded into it, horns that extend from the side, a pair of candles, and a spiraling extension on top with a pair of discs.


Belgas has a rather showy attitude who likes to show off her costume, looks, singing, and even uses a giant robot version of herself as a stage. She is very haughty and arrogant, always wanting to steal the spotlight from anyone. She gets angry when people attempt to ignore her and the songs she sings imply a level of insanity.


Belgas has a good singing voice that can entrance others and make them experience mood swings. But when this fails, she sings in a destructive sound that sounds even worse that Rhine's alone.


Belgas appeared during a performance by Rhine X1 using her Mega Belgas to make her songs entrance people into strange mood swings that even included Baron Ashura and her main Mechanical Beast Girls. Yoko however put up a fight with her high pitched singing voice. Belgas then countered with her own high pitched singing. It wasn't unitl Grenda-san teamed up with Rhine X1 that she put up a fight that caused the Mega Belgas to fall apart on itself and cause Belgas' makeup to come off. After this, she escaped with Ashura.


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