Baron Ashura
Composition Japanium
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot AI

The Baron Ashura Mechanical Beast is one of the Mechanical Beasts created by Dr. Hell for the final battle against the Photon Power Laboratory. As its name suggests it was modeled after Baron Ashura.


The Baron Ashura resembles its namesake but differs from its original counterpart in a couple ways. For example, the body has a similar design to Mazinger Z including the torso structure and chest plates. Its leg armor features a yellow lower left leg and a black lower right leg. It face partly resembles its name sake with a more masculine left side with a green color a longer teeth and a more feminine right side colored a light pink and both sides possessing blue lense eyes. Its neck armor features a yellow v-shaped design with some red stones decorating the collar. On its chest is a flat plate on its left side and a pointed plate shaped like a breast on the right. While the left hand is more humanoid, the right hand features elongated fingers. Finally it wears a cape coming from its shoulders.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As a Mechanical Beast made of Japanium, the Baron Ashura is much more durable and physically powerful than other Mechanical Beasts. Its cape made of Super Alloy Z gives it further defense even against beam attacks. It right hand allows it to grasp and ensnare enemies. It is also able to split itself apart and cause high voltage electricity to shoot out of its body to attack any enemy in between either halves.


The Baron Ashura was created from the remains of Japanium found on Bardos. It was used by Dr. Hell as a call out to Koji Kabuto by fighting against the Mazinger Army and defeating them. Dr. Hell issues a challenge for Mazinger Z to face against it. When Mazinger Z arrives, the challenge is revealed to be a trap where Mechanical Beasts have been set up in ambush and proceed for an attack on Atami while the Baron Ashura was being controlled from the Bood. When Mazinger struck a blow onto the Gool, the Baron Ashura was about ready to fight it and stop the crash but a desperate attack from Boss Borot kept it busy long enough to be crushed by the fortress.

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