Baron Ashura
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Baron Ashura
The Baron Ashura is a Mechanical Beast created by Dr. Hell in the image of his lieutenant Baron Ashura, exclusive to the manga and is piloted by him/her. A similar Mechanical Beast, the Jetfire P1 exists in the anime but it only has the same face.


It appears as a giant mechanized version of Baron Ashura. The left side of the body has a darker coloration and squared features; the face has a fixed grin with 'teeth' showing, and the arm has spiked knuckles. The right side appears more feminine with a lighter color, a 'breast' and long tentacle-like fingers. It is adorned with a cape.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

The Mechanical Beast is armed with different weapons, the left side uses the spiked knuckles to attack enemies while the right side uses its tentacle-like fingers to entwine opponents. It can also vertically separate from its halves and fly. When separated, both halves use spikes within its body to trap opponents, and when surrounding them it unleashes a massive electric current.


Mazinger Z (Manga)Edit

Baron Ashura is given the Mechanical Beast Baron Ashura by Dr. Hell to fight the Mazinger Z. Baron Ashura challenged Koji to a battle, which he accepted. The Mechanical Beast managed to put up a decent fight with the Mazinger, when separated and using its electric attack it even put the Mazinger into a corner. But the Mazinger Z fought back and destroyed the Mechanical Beast.

Mazinger Z: Infinity Edit


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