Baron Ashura
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Baron Ashura
Baron Ashura is a Mechanical Beast used by a couple of similar dress.

Appearance Edit

The Baron Ashura resembles its original counterpart but its female side has regular sized fingers and the cape has a different colored interior.

Abilities Edit

The Baron Ashura is able to fly long distances through the thrusters on its back. It is able to separate vertically and magnetically crush what comes between the two halves.

History Edit

The Baron Ashura was used by its owners to steal the multiple ATM machines throughout Tokyo to get enough money to buy an island so that they could live in peace. It was later tracked down by the Mazinger Angels and fought against it. While dealing with traps on the island and the tricky features of the Baron Ashura. the Angels use some their unique OPMs to cause both halves to explode. The pilots are caught and later arrested.

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