Baron Ashura
Kanji あしゅら男爵
Kana あしゅらだんしゃく
Gender Female
Age (Young Adult)
Robot Jetfire P1/Jetfire P2
Affiliation Underground Empire
Family and Relations Dr. Hell (Boss)
Voice Actor Aya Hisakawa
First Appearance Amazing! Robot Girls Z (Anime),

Amazing! Robot Girls Z (Manga)

Baron Ashura is the second-in-command of the Underground Empire, serving directly under Dr. Hell acting as the commander and guardian of the Mechanical Beast Girls. Unlike her namesake and despite what her appearance suggests, Ashura is a complete woman rather than a being made from the halves of a man and a woman.


Ashura is a young woman with a very unusual appearance. The right side of her body resembles a woman with blonde hair, a red eye, lipstick and light skin wearing a pink dress and a white shoe. This side also wears more feminine gear such as adult panties and an adult bikini. The left side of her body somewhat resembles a man with short black hair, a blue eye (later revealed to be a contact lense), darker skin (make-up), and a slightly smaller breast while wearing a dark business suit and a black shoe. This side also wears masculine gear such as boxer shorts or a full body swimsuit. She wears a hooded cloak that is black on the left side and bright pink on the right side. One of her costumes in Robot Girls Z ONLINE include a wedding dress and tuxedo called Baron Ashura Bridal which was used for Golden Week.


Ashura is a loyal member of the Underground Empire, serving Dr. Hell in his quest for world domination and following his command to get what they need in order to achieve that goal. She acts similar to an older sister to the Mechanical Beast Girls and looks out for them, once even ignoring a message from Dr. Hell to look after Doublas M2.


Ashura mainly serves as the strategist for the Mechanical Beast Girls, but her plans are not very good. Her combat skills have yet to be seen, but Garada K7 complimented that she isn't very good at fighting.


Ashura always appeared with the Mechanical Beast Girls when trying to fight against Robot Girls Team Z in their plans to get Photonic Energy in order for Dr. Hell to use it in his plans for world domination. However they always come up short in their plans with the Robot Girls always defeating them. The only success she ever had against the Robot Girls was in a marathon that she won by default. After the buyout of the Underground Empire, Ashura and the Mechanical Beast Girls help stop the Mycenae Empire while later getting jobs to get the funds to start the Underground Empire back up.


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