Dr. Hell with the Bardos Wand in Shin Mazinger ZERO.

The Bardos Wand is a long cane-like artifact originally created by Dr. Hell to control the Mechanical Beasts. With the discovery of Bardos, Dr. Hell and his lieutenant Baron Ashura have used it to control the Mechanical Beasts in Dr. Hell's quest for world domination.

Abilities and FunctionsEdit

The Bardos Wand's primary function is to control Mechanical Beasts, however robots with greater intelligence like Danube α1 and Minerva X are able to resist the effects. Shin Mazinger ZERO depicts it as being able to control other machines on Bardos and even the technology of the world's entire armies as well. The Bardos Wand can also be used offensively by releasing a ray at enemies and be used as a spear.

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