Bamaras Y1
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Bamaras Y1 is a Mechanical Beast that appeared in the original manga along with Bazin B9 to battle the Mazinger Z in a back up plan by Baron Ashura.


Bamaras Y1 is noted for the long metal tentacles that extend from its head and fingers. Its face resembles a tribal mask worn for Polynesian rituals.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Bamaras Y1 uses the metal tentacles on its head and hands for battle. The tentacles are very strong, able to lift and hold a robot its own size and toss it into the air.



Bamaras Y1 and Bazin B9 were first seen in a hangar with Baron Ashura announcing his/her plan. As Koji Kabuto arrived with Mazinger Z to battle Baron Ashura and its fake Mazinger, Bamaras and Bazin appeared as back up. Bamaras' tentacles proved to be a challenge as it could toss the Mazinger around. This combined with the Bazin's gravity negating abilities, caused some damage to the Mazinger. The Mazinger managed to destroy the Bazin's antenna and make a comeback destroying both Mechanical Beasts.


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