Kanji N/A
Kana バカラス
Gender Male
Age (Adult)
Robot None
Affiliation Boss's gang
Family and Relations Unknown
Voice Actor Isamu Tanonaka (Mazinger Z)
Kōji Yada (Great Mazinger)
First Appearance Mazinger Z episode 69,

Great Mazinger episode 4

Bakarasu is a crow appearing in one episode of the Mazinger Z anime and for a third of the series in Great Mazinger. First appearing for little than a minor nuisance, he returned as a member of Boss's gang.


Bakarasu has a slightly different appearance than the average crow having a large and wide yellow beak as well as a pair of cocentric circles around his eyes and a pair of lines on the side of his head that resemble glasses.


Although most crows are rather intelligent, Bakarasu lives up to his name by being rather dumbfounded, often doing things like annoying the characters or repeating things that should not be said. He is quite mischievous and loved to mess around with others especially Boss. He is not particularly loyal to anyone and only joins Boss's gang for fun.


As a crow, Bakarasu is able to fly and speak words by the way people say them. Boss uses these skills to his advantages by using Bakarasu as a scout and to give messages.

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