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Baion β 2
Mazin 21h.jpg
Composition Super Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy
Pilot Shun Azuma
Notable moves Rust Hurricane

Baion β (Beta) 2 is the upgraded form of Baion β from Shin Mazinger Shogeki! Z Hen.


Concept art of Baion Beta 2.

Baion Beta 2 has a much more well built build than its original counterpart and is given a green, white, and black color scheme with red anklets. Its chest is also more aerodynamic than the squared shape of the original. The top of its head is actually its red Pilder.

Abilities and Equipment[]

Baion 2 is able to fly through thrusters on its feet. The Pilder is unique in that it folds into place to fit on the top of the head. Also instead of releasing the Rust Hurricane from the grill on its chest, it opens up revealing a fan that blows a strong wind.


Baion 2 was created alongside the rest of the Mazinger Army due to the increasing threat of the Mechanical Beasts. It was able to hold off a few Mechanical Beasts during Dr. Hell's assault. It was eventually struck down by the Hell King Gordon, only to use one of the one hundred fists for the Mazinger Z's 100 Rocket Punch attack.