Apollo A1
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Remote Controlled

Apollo A1 is a Mechanical Beast used to attack Tokyo alongside Serpenter I6, Kentol Γ7, and Blaster A7.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Apollo A1 resembles its original counterpart as a humanoid Mechanical Beast with short length 'hair' spikes protruding from its head, and flamethrowers throughout its body. These are its main weaponry where it releases streams of intensely hot flames.

History Edit

Apollo A1 was alongside its companions as Dr. Hell made his preparations. After Harkenschmitt X9 was defeated, Apollo and the rest brutally attacked its opponent Fire Venus until the arrival of the Mazinger Angel robots. Apollo fought against Aphrodite A, but its new Exceed Spear made its flame attacks useless. It was later caught in a lock and Aphrodite destroyed it with a rocket propelled swing.

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