Aphrodite A
Composition Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Sayaka Yumi
Dimensions Height: 16 meters,

Weight: 18 meters

Notable moves Oppai Missile System

Aphrodite A (アフロダイA) is a the first robot made by Prof. Gennosuke Yumi and is piloted by his daughter, Sayaka Yumi. Compared to its counterpart from the anime, there was little significance on its creation and there was less hassle for it to be built more offensively. It was eventually destroyed and replaced with the stronger Venus A.


Aphrodite A possessed a wide head with a large clear cockpit on top of it. Its otherwise humanoid body was mostly colored black from its limbs to its main body. The outer edges of its body and head were colored dark red, while the innermost part of its body was colored orange. The chest features latches that open to shoot missiles.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As Aphrodite A is composed of the original Alloy Z rather than Super Alloy Z; as such its defense and resistance is nowhere near the same level as Mazinger Z. In an example, it was effortlessly cut in half by a sword whereas Mazinger was able to fight it off.

At first, it lacked any offensive weaponry with the most it could do was grapple enemies and try to overpower them, something that it was usually incapable of doing. It was later equipped with warhead missiles that shoot out of the chest area.


Aphrodite A was deployed to fight the rampaging Mazinger Z as it went around Tokyo. The Aphrodite did not prove to be anymore useful than the army tanks. Later after Sayaka showed Koji how to use some of the controls, the Aphrodite left to fight the Mechanical Beasts attacking the Photon Power Laboratory. The Aphrodite could not do much and was later helped by the Mazinger who easily destroyed the Mechanical Beasts.

Aphrodite usually appeared as back-up for Mazinger only to be effortlessly swatted away or pinned down by enemies. When three Mechanical Beasts attacked Japan's major cities, Aphrodite was sent out to fight them but was ambushed by KingDan X10 who cut the robot in half with its sword while Sayaka was taken. The damage dealt to it was beyond repair and was later replaced by Venus A.

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