Aphrodite A
Aphrodite A (Kaiser)
Composition Alloy Z
Power Source Photonic Energy Engine
Pilot Sayaka Yumi

Aphrodite A (アフロダイA) was Sayaka Yumi's original robot until it was broken beyond repair. It was later replaced with the Venus A.


Aphrodite A's design is based on the original manga design, with darker orange and red colors than the anime, a white face, and black limbs.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Aphrodite A is not very strong compared to other robots in Mazinkaiser, and its only weapons are the Oppai Missile System, which while able to destroy Mechanical Beasts when hit with the right accuracy, are generally weak against them especially against armored enemies.



An Aphrodite A in Go Nagai's Mazinkaiser Manga.

Aphrodite A was in the battle against a large horde of Mechanical Beasts with the Double Mazingers and Boss Borot. The Aphrodite managed to destroy a couple Mechanical Beasts before ordered to fall back with the coming reinforcements and Koji Kabuto being ejected from the Mazinger Z.

With the discovery and use of the Mazinkaiser, the Aphrodite was sent into battle against another horde of attacking Mechanical Beasts. However, it is captured and chained to be used as a hostage to get the Mazinkaiser. When Koji first refused, the limbs were torn off of the Aphrodite putting Sayaka in danger. Koji complied but the Great Mazinger with help from the Great Booster managed to destroy some of the Mechanical Beasts and cut the chains on what was left of Aphrodite with Boss Borot catching it. Koji linked back up Mazinkaiser and destroyed the rest of the Mechanical Beasts. After this, Aphrodite A was broken beyond repair and was replaced by the stronger Venus A.


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