Amazing! Robot Girls Z
Kanji 驚異!ロボットガールズZ
Romaji name Kyōi! Robotto Girusu Zetto
Volume 1
Chapter 1
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N/A Sneaky!? Doublas M2 Trick
Amazing! Robot Girls Z is the first chapter in the Robot Girls Z web manga.


As Baron Ashura with the Mechanical Beast GirlsGarada K7 and Doublas M2 cause trouble in Photon Power Town, Robot Girls Team Z appears to confront them. Before the fight, the scene shifts to how Z-chan got her powers. After she finishes up her class in school, a couple of her classmates asks if she wants to go out with her. Z-chan however has to get home to check on her grandmother. Arriving home, Z-chan notices tags throughout her house and her grandmother reveals that her research in Photonic Energy required a large sum of money that she borrowed from loan sharks and had to put tags up to prevent anyone from taking anything. She revealed that Z-chan had a part in her research and would be able to use the Hover Pilder device to transform. Before anything could be done, Ashura and her Mechanical Beast Girlsappear to steal the research while misunderstanding the situation. Taking the Pileder for herself Z-chan assumed her Robot Girls form and fought against the Mechanical Beast Girls, destroying her grandmother's house in the process. With the tags gone and the debt collectors appearing, they took Z-chan's grandmother away to settle her debt. With her grandmother taken away, Z-chan resolves to settle her debts while fighting evil in the process. Back to the present day, the Robot Girls effortlessly fight off the Mechanical Beast Girls.


  • Teenaged versions of Yukikohime and Harumi from Dororon Enma-kun appear as Z-chan's classmates.
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