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Akira Fudo in the origonal manga.

Akira Fudo is the main protagonist of the manga and anime Devilman. In both the anime and manga, he was a very kind, generous, yet scared and unconfident person who lives with his childhood friend Miki Makimura and her family after he lost his own family. In the anime, the original Akira Fudo died along with his father in an avalanche in the Himalayas. With his death, an elite member of the Demon Tribe known as Devilman took his form and went back to Japan to retake the planet for his kind only to gain a new love for humanity especially for Miki. In the manga, Akira meets an old friend named Ryo Asuka who introduces Akira to his father's research on the Demon Tribe and how they are coming into the human world. Through the demon mask that not only showed Akira the Demon Tribe's history, but also fused the ultra-powerful demon Amon into him while keeping his humanity due to his pure heart. Since then Akira would fight the demons as Devilman fighting threats such as Amon's former companion Sirene.

Akira appeared in several different media franchises by Dynamic Productions including Mazinger, often as Devilman. These include:

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