Abdora U6
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot AI

Abdora U6 is the fourth Mechanical Beast featured in Mazinger ZIP!, after its initial appearance it was given a slight change in design.

Appearance and Abilities Edit

Abdora U6 resembles a soldier of ancient Egypt and possesses powerful grappling abilities. After not being able to go out in its debut, Dr. Hell outfitted it with a stage for karaoke that allows him to use his own voice as a weapon. However this features leaves Abdora vulnerable.

History Edit

Abdora was used in a demonstration by Dr. Hell showing its grappling abilities. Baron Ashura was ready to mobilize Abdora but accidentally broke the Bardos Wand so it couldn't move. In a fight with Mazinger ZIP!, Dr. Hell demonstrated its microphone and stage to sing karaoke that became a weapon against Mazinger despite not being its original intention. Mazinger managed to defeat Abdora since it couldn't move. Abdora was later used in an attack on the Sapporo Snow Festival disguised as a snow sculpture, but the Iron Masks were occupied at the all-you-can eat salmon roe buffet and Abdora ended up being forgotten and buried in snow.

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