Abdora U6
Abdora U6
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
First appearing as a statue in Episode 8 Abdora U6.


Abdora U6 appears as a burly robotic man with a brown and tan paintjob. He has darker areas of his body to to give the illusion of clothing.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Abdora U6 can release bolts of heat from its eyes to attack enemies. For high movement around a field and for elevation it is capable of using springs patterned similar to an accordion.


We first see Abdora as a statue which Boss & his gang comes to see. Though little did they know its one of Dr. Hell's mechanical Beast sent by Baron Ashura. As Boss Gang lounge around on its arm the Beast suddenly rises. As they jump off and flee on their bikes Abdora set his sights on the city and uses laser beams from his eye to set it ablaze. This goes for awhile until Boss warns Sayaka Yumi & Aphrodite A to stop him. Yet when she arrives all she see is the statue of the creature. Sayaka scolds at them for crying Mechanical Beast not realizing what they say is true. Nobody can explain for the destruction of the city. Halfway point Abdora attacks once again. Shiro warns Koji but he reluctant to fight leaving to Sayaka. Boss goes to Koji telling him he must fight or Sayaka is doom. Though appearing he left Koji went to get the Pilder to get Mazinger Z. Aphrodite finally arrives to stop Abdora destruction. The two clash in battle. Aphrodite manages to blind him with her missiles and goes for the blow but is struck back. When she was down on the ground Abdora kicks her off the mountain as she screams for Koji. Mazinger & Koji meets up with though damage Sayaka is fine and points to where Abdora run off to. When they meet Mazinger starts with a Rocket Punch. After a big struggle Mazinger manage to pin Abdora down and finish him off with a Breast Fire.



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