Abodra U6
Composition Super Steel
Power Source Atomic Energy
Pilot Limited AI
Abdora U6 the Mechanical Beast. One of the few Mecha Beasts that shown emotion as it express fear when Mazinkaiser shown up.

Appearance & Abilities Edit

The Abdora U6 resembles its original counterpart as a huge statue with a headdress. It can fire pink colored lasers out of the eyes. Not much else is known what else it could do.

History Edit


Abdora alongside Kajimof T7 (Right) and Jinrai S1 (Left)

Abdora U6 along with other Mechanical Beasts were sent on the second Tokyo raid. It was ambushed by Great Mazinger with a Thunder Break. However this proved ineffective as Abdora mange to get back up again with little injuries. The Mechanical Beasts Army were winning until Mazinkaiser appeared to even the odds. Abdora & a few others were hit by its awesome Rust Tornado which completely blew away their rusted bodies.
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