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Abashiri Ikka is a manga and OVA series, with a live-action movie adaptation. Go Nagai created the manga based on the criticism he received from Harenchi Gakuen. It revolves around the Abashiri yakuza family lead by Daemon Abashiri and his children: Kikunosuke, Goemon, Naojiro, and Kichiza. The series remained popular until Nagai dropped it to focus on others works such as Devilman. Several characters have appeared in subsequent works by Go Nagai such as Grendizer, Cutey Honey, and Violence Jack.

Abashiri Ikka in Mazinger Edit

  • Danbei Makiba from Grendizer is based on Daemon Abashiri.
    • The remake series Grendizer Giga has the Makiba family resemble more like the Abashiri Family with Hikaru resembling Kikunosuke and a worker replaced with Nao Jiro.
  • Members of the Abashiri family including Naojiro, Goemon, and Daemon appeared in Mazinger Angels.
    • The daughter of the family, Kikunosuke was a protagonist of the manga.
  • Shin Mazinger ZERO has the Abashiri family help numerous people in Japan after the Mazin War and also participate in the fight against Dr. Hell when the barrier falls.
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