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• 5/12/2018


I have a question, I remember reading somewhere that Mazinger was made after the bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki to lift up the spririt. Is that right or was i mistaking?
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• 7/7/2018

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• 10/8/2017

do you think Mazinger Angels or Mazinger Otome will get an anime?

do you think Mazinger Angels or Mazinger Otome will get an anime?
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• 9/10/2017

Who is this lady

Someone told me she is from episode 4 of Mazinkaiser and I was hoping to learn her name.
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• 7/5/2017

What Monsters haven't you done articles on yet?

I'm making a wikia called Under Rated Kaiju, and it's going to include Kaiju from the old school Mecha Animes. I already got down galleries for the monsters in Daltanious, Govarian, and Gold Lightan. I have yet to give each of the monsters their own page. I wanted to do the Mazinger Z monsters, but I can see that you already got them down. Are there any monsters in the anime or it's sequels that you haven't done yet?
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• 6/22/2017

Mazinger Z animated tribute!

This is an animated tribute to Mazinger Z I made. I hope you will like it!
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• 10/9/2016

New Mazinger Project announced at MIPCOM

Well Toei showcased a Mazinger project along with Dragon Ball Super and the Digimon Universe: Appmonsters. It doesn't have an official name and the status since Dynamic Productions cut most ties with with Toei brings this into question.
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• 1/7/2015

Mazinkaizer SKL Verses manga on Dynamic Pro blog

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to come in and tell everyone that chapters of the Mazinkaizer SKL Verses manga is now available on the Dynamic Productions official blog[1]. These are only available in Japanese so there are no translated versions. However, if anyone can read these "raws", a report on the summaries would be handy for the wiki.
The blog also features chapters from the Dino Getter manga, a Getter Robo manga made to go along with the release of the Metamor-Force Getter Robo models.
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• 8/25/2014

Meeting at 7 (Chihuahua Time)

Well all active users, an unregistered user requested a meeting at 7 to discuss a way to oraganize some characters in more categories on his user page at 7 in Chihuahua time. Those of you who would like to say something go if you want and post concerns.
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• 7/21/2014

New Grendizer Manga coming this fall to Champion Red

An interview with Go Nagai on e-Book Japan reveals that he is in the process of making a new manga called "Grendizer Giga" and it is coming this fall to Champion Red.
Here's the website for the reveal and others:[1]
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• 1/19/2014

Robot Girls Z

With Robot Girls Z getting some attention, I request all visitors and editors to pay attention to any information related to the series. While this is a Toei product, this is still under the Mazinger name and this might just what the wiki needs for some more attention. I noticed some people (including myself) have been making some articles including characters, episodes, chapters from the web manga, all the usual stuff. But by no means drop other pieces of important information relating to the franchise as a whole, it's best to give our viewers the whole package.
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• 12/19/2013

Translators Requested for manga topics

With the 3rd volume of Shin Mazinger ZERO vs. Ankoku Daishogun released, this wiki requests that anyone with access to RAWs and can translate contribute by providing information on the manga especially the ZERO series. Information includes details on chapters, events for character pages and mecha. If you're not much of an editor, just post the information on my page. Again this is not just the ZERO series but anything the wiki is currently missing in terms of manga.
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• 8/8/2013

Mazinkaiser Mechanical Beast Showing

I've been trying to identified all the Mechanical Beasts in the first episode of Mazinkaiser.
How because how short the series is and fast place I'm having trouble trying to figure out which MB is what so I was wondering if anybody can help me with me
This is what I have so far (in order of appearance)
Gaia Q5GorongoGlossamGarada K7Doublas M2Bazin M9Bamarasu Y1Chiguel E7Ghost Fire?
DanchelBalanger M2Stronger T4Triple L5?
Demonger J5Burdon B7River F9??
Ashura Mazinger?
Yubrin T9?
Some of them might of appear eariler in the list, I just have trouble seeing them
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